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Why choose Cambridge?

Having proofread and edited over 42,000 documents for more than 14,000 clients around the world, we have developed an offering that stands out from many other editing services online. We believe there are six key reasons – the Cambridge Advantage – to choose us for your editorial needs.

1. A trusted name in proofreading and editing

By consistently delivering a quality service for our clients, we have built a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable provider of proofreading and editing services. Indeed, the vast majority of our clients find us through word-of-mouth referrals from colleagues, fellow students, and friends.

Cambridge Proofreading LLC is a registered company in the U.S. state of Illinois with a presence in the UK. Our Certificate of Good Standing can be found on the website of the IL Secretary of State by searching our name or file number (05237661) here.

You can view independent reviews from our previous clients on the TrustPilot website here.

2. Secure and confidential

Our service is both secure and confidential.

Only the editing manager and the assigned editor will access your file(s). All of our team members have signed NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and confidentially agreements that detail strict procedures for handling client files securely.

Our website is protected by DigiCert 256-bit encryption to secure our data.

Our system automatically deletes all copies of client files 21 days after we have returned the proofread and edited versions. We can delete files earlier upon request.

3. Subject-matter expertise

With over 100 editors spanning the full spectrum of academic disciplines, we can pair documents with subject-matter experts. We believe there is no substitute for subject-matter expertise.

4. Over 100 experienced editing professionals

All the editors in our network hold advanced qualifications (first degrees, master’s degrees, and PhDs) from leading American and British universities. Many also are members of leading industry bodies, such as the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) and the Council of Science Editors (CSE).

Less than 1% of editors who apply to Cambridge make it through our rigorous selection process.

5. Competitive pricing with quality guaranteed

We keep our pricing competitive and back all orders with a guarantee of satisfaction.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing
Provider Price per
1,000 Words
(24 hours)
Price per
1,000 Words
(48 hours)
Editage $45 / £30 / €40 $45 / £30 / €40
ProofreadingPal $39 / £27 / €35 $39 / £27 / €35
Scribendi $37 / £26 / €34 $37 / £26 / €34
Proofreading24/7 $27 / £18 / €25 $27 / £18 / €25
Cambridge Proofreading LLC $20 / £13 / €19 $19 / £12 / €18 $18 / £12 / €17 $18 / £12 / €17 $18 / £12 / €17 $18 / £12 / €17

Guaranteed quality

image description We back all of our work with our Cambridge Quality Guarantee, which ensures your satisfaction when ordering our service.

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